NSF to PST Book

Convert NSF to PST

Complete Notes Database Migrator to Outlook & Exchange

  • Export entire NSF Database Emails, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks & Journal
  • Provide several features in the omission of Duplicate Contacts
  • Option to Split the size of PST file in MB & GB as per need
  • Detect & Convert the NSF Canonical Name in required SMTP Address
  • Demo to assess tool features by exporting initial 25 items from each Notes folder
  • Software supports MS Outlook 2013 (32-bit & 64-bit) & its below Editions

Distinctive Aspects of NSF to PST Conversion Tool

Convert NSF to PST

Complete NSF Database Migration

Entire Notes database is easily exported by the software while converting NSF file to PST. It includes conversion of Emails, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks & Journal maintaining Inline Images, Attachments, Doc links and other properties

Export NSF to Exchange

Export NSF Mailbox to Exchange

Using NSF to PST converter, mailboxes of MS Outlook can be effectually transferred to MS Exchange server instead of any data loss with the support of Business and Enterprise Edition of the conversion tool.

Exclusion of Identical Contacts

Exclusion of Identical Contacts

Duplicate contacts can be easily eliminated by selecting “Exclude Duplicate Contact ” option mentioned in the updated version of software. This feature helps to convert Names.nsf file to PST with the exclusion of identical contacts.

Filters for Data Migration

Apply Filters for Data Migration

The tool delivers the option of exporting essential data by applying filters on Email, Calendar, To Do and Journal. After filling the dates in From and To option in the filters the data falls between that particular time get exported to Outlook

Canonical Values of Notes Mapped

Canonical Values of Notes Mapped

The canonical value obtained in the Notes email sender can be effortlessly detected and converted by the software. Select and obtained values in required SMTP address from the options shown on the Software.

Mapping of Folder

Mapping of Folder

On converting NSF file to PST, all the folders of Lotus Notes are exactly mapped to an Outlook folder. This feature assists other language users to mapped the NSF folders by providing the names of system folders exist in their Outlook

Split PST File Size

Split PST File Size

While exporting Notes Emails to Outlook, size of the output PST file can be split as per the requirement in MB as well as GB by the new option provided by the Software. It benefits to store large data of Lotus Notes in various Outlook PST files

Migrate All Documents Folder

Migrate All Documents Folder

Choose to migrate the All Documents folder to ensure that entire account of the Lotus Notes is migrated to MS Outlook. All Documents may consist of some data that isn't available in other folders.

Names.nsf to PST

Export Contacts Separately

There is an option to select only the names.nsf file to export only the contacts of Lotus Notes. You can load the address book file of IBM Notes and choose to create a separate PST for it.

Remove Encryption from NSF Email

Remove Message Level Encryption

Encrypted emails are successfully exported from Lotus NSF to Outlook PST file. Just by selecting the Remove Encryption option, message level encryption is removed from emails for an effective conversion.

Save HTML Formatting

Maintain Message Formatting

Emails received with message body having HTML formatting are maintained just like they are. Even after converting Notes to Outlook PST the HTML contents of the email body remain as it is and visible.

Outlook Versions Supported

All Outlook Versions Supported

Updated Version of NSF to PST converter now support Outlook 2013 (32- bit & amp; 64-bit) & its prior editions. After performing the conversion of Notes to Outlook the software saved output PST file in UNICODE format by default.

Unmatched Qualities of Tool to Convert NSF to PST

  • Export entire Lotus Notes storage file contents into a Unicode Format PST file.
  • Software offer option to split size of output PST file as per convenience. It create PST file in MB & in GB after selecting option
  • Message level encryptions removed by the Software automatically
  • Lotus Notes database belonging to platform of 9 and all below versions are supported.
  • Maximum options offer the customization of data export according to user need.
  • Notes Canonical Name can be converted in required SMTP address using the option provided by the Software
  • Direct migration of Notes database to Exchange Server in bulk is possible using Business/Enterprise license
  • Inline images, HTML formatting, and other properties and metadata of the emails are integrally maintained
Evaluation of Tool Free of Cost

Evaluate the properties of the software by Downloading Demo Version which export starting 25 data items of NSF from each folder



Place Order for Licensed Version

Get Full version of the Conversion Tool at $149 only which aid to convert Unlimited data by eradicating limited mode restriction.



Customers View About NSF to PST Converter Tool

It was so good to finally come across an application that not only offers a great solution but is also built with a very simple to use platform. Easy, fast, and absolutely great!

— Carmen Davis, Brisbane

Working out the conversion of my 40 GB data scared me as I was worried the PST won't be able to handle that much data. But fortunately the software provide the option of creating output PST file size as per requirement.

— Percy Osborne, Mexico

NSF to PST Converter is a great example of a complete package solution for the migration of all data from Lotus Notes into Outlook. My personal favorite is the multiple export customization options.

— Yolanda Peterson, Africa

Migrating such a huge amount of data into an entirely different file structure was so next to impossible. Thanks to Export Notes, my Notes database is now accessible on Outlook.

— Brad Mcgee, Japan

Know Your Benefits Of Having NSF to PST Converter

IBM generated Lotus Notes which is now known as IBM Notes post its updation to version 9; is a highly regarded and preferred medium of communication for most enterprises. However, like any other technological creation, not all user groups prefer working with it owing to the additional care it requires.

Relatively, Notes demands a larger amount of investment for its Client/Server maintenance and timely updation/patches. Outlook from Microsoft is a complete package for organizations when communication and personal information management are concerned.

Perks Of Having Outlook?

Outlook isn't a high profile application but also has a great market as far as organizational suitability is concerned. Meetings can be managed in one click; communication is a lot easier and personalized with the customization options provided. Moreover, the easy to handle GUI of the client makes it more appealing to users.

How Is Having Export Notes Beneficial?

You can still keep your Lotus Notes database while continue to work on Outlook. This is achievable with NSF to PST Converter, as it accepts database/database archives for conversion into Outlook PST file. This way you can have all your data safely transferred to Outlook without any manual efforts demanded.

Some Basic General Queries
What to do if the NSF file is too large?
The tool has a great potential of migrating large databases from NSF to PST format. The special provision here is, the software contain the option of creating size of output PST file as per need using which you can convert Outlook file of required size.
How can I convert just my contacts if I want to?
You can either convert the Names.nsf file only by selecting 'Migrate contacts to a single PST file' option from the Home page of the software. Also, you can choose the Contacts category after loading the database and deselect all the others.
Will the software be able to convert a password protected NSF?
Yes, you can convert a password protected NSF file too. Once selected, provide the correct database password on the prompt window that appears asking database password and proceed.
Where will the software store the output on migration?
You can choose a desired path/folder on the machine to save the output PST file. The path will be asked for when beginning the migration.
I don't want an ANSI PST file as my migration output. What to do?
The software offers you the liberty to choose between an ANSI and Unicode formatted PST file as your preferred output data file after migration. Choose accordingly and you shall receive satisfactory results.

Step by Step Conversion Procedure of the Software

  1. Go to: Start menu »Program» Open the Software; And, Click on the Browse option

  2. Select the required .nsf file & click on Open to load the folders of file
  3. Click on second Browse lo locate the path of names.nsf fie for conversion
  4. Selcth the names.nsf file & then click on Open for the succeeding step
  5. Check on Migrate Contacts into Single PST, if required & to export selected data items check on Selected Folder option
  6. Choose required Filters to export selective data from the Email, Calendar, Tasks & Journal
  7. Select on Exclude Duplicate Contacts for the elimination of identical contacts during coneversion
  8. Check or Uncheck for preserving Formatting, Internet Header, Doc Links and Encryption.
  9. To convert NSF canonical values of email address choose any required SMTP format
  10. Software offres the option to split PST size, check the option if required& next click on Export
  11. The software shows the final report of converting NSF database, next click on OK
  12. Provide the File name to save report in CSV format & click on Save option